Android Lovi Video Maker Beat Video Maker App Download

Lovi Video Maker Beat Video Maker App Download

The Lovi Video Maker Beat Video Maker App Download and is the ideal video maker tools to turn your photos into great looking video clips with only 3 steps With its funny and easy video template you can instantly record your life moment in a spark video with awesome effects, fantastic filters, and popular themes! Also, lyrics video editing is our another new highlight for all lyrics video status maker Video Status Maker is a video creator app that creates amazing video from your photos within a seconds Lovi Video Maker Beat Video Maker You can instantly create Birthday Videos Status Maker,Anniversary Videos Status Maker,Love Videos Status Maker,Holiday Videos Status.

Android Lovi Video Maker Beat Video Maker App Download

Beat Video Maker Android App Download

App Feature

1. This is the Photo to love Videomaker & Video status maker tool, you can convert your image into a video with particle Effect and song.
2. Lovi video maker app turns your photos into great particle video clips.
3.Lovi is an animated video status maker application You can easily create for your video
4.many beautiful and attractive animated particle effects There are many types of Particles available as listed below.

MyPic Lyrical Video Status Maker Download

❤ Heart Effect
❤ Bubble Effect
❤ Love Particle Effect
❤ Flash Effect
❤ Star Effect
❤ Snowfall Effect
❤ Water fall Effect

5. And also using this Lovi video maker you can convert your couple photo into the effective video.
6. You can apply diff-diff color Filter in this video maker and status maker application.

❤ Color to Black & White
❤ Black & White to Color
❤ DJ White flash Effect
❤ DJ Black Flash Effect

7.Apply DJ Black & White flash light effect on beat of sound in your video using this Lovi Video Maker and Status Maker App

Apply diff-diff color Filter on your video

❤ Nature Video Filter
❤ Soft Video Filter
❤ Sweet Video Filter
❤ Mellow Video Filter
❤ Warm Video Filter
❤ Vintage Video Filter
❤ Black & White Video Filter.