Duplicate File Remover Android App Download for Free

Duplicate File Remover

This is a powerful duplicate file remover android app. not available on play store It lets you easily search and remove the duplicate files on your android mobile phone and tablet and any Android Device Nowadays, with so much storage space in android devices, we usually dump whatever we can until the storage fills up to its brim. And the next step most of us will do is try to delete useless files. But we often throw a blind eye to duplicate files. On an average, about 10% of any physical device is filled with duplicate files. This app will help you to delete these files and free up space on your Android device.

Duplicate File Remover Android App Download for Free

Android Duplicate File Remover App Download

Scanning for duplicate files can be done at lightning fast speed. Thanks to the intelligent algorithm used, duplicates can be scanned within seconds. You can exclude folders of your choice from being scanned for duplicates files.

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1. Free Duplicate File Remover is a free app
2. Vone Tap Scan – Just a tap will initiate scanning for entire storage space
3. Simple and easy-to-use interface
4. Displays three different Menu for Media, Documents and Others
5. You will even get notifications for new duplicate files in every 15 days.
6. Effectively finding duplicate files with more speed
7. Categorized duplicate files like duplicate images, duplicate videos, duplicate audios, etc
8. Preview available for all files
9. Multiple selection, and build-in selection controls
10. Duplicate Remover remove all duplicate files just a single click
11. Remove Duplicate files on any external storage device.